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Hello! We are the Wilby family!

We love Orlando, we love Walt Disney World and this is a site designed purely for writing about that. We use it as a blogging site so our friends and family can follow us while we are on holiday there.

We've been taking Josh and Jack with us since they were tiny and they've both pretty much grown up with Disney World and love it every bit as much as we do (who wouldn't!)

I've been writing a blog on our trips since 2013 mainly as just an online diary of sorts. I'm not the greatest writer in the world but it gives our family a chance to live out our holidays with us while we are in Orlando.

I'm still trying to find time to expand the website to contain content dating back to 1988 (photos/videos etc) but at the moment it's just the blog. I just want to make sure i've got as many of our memories stored on here as I possibly can.

Hope you enjoy the stuff on here and feel free to drop a comment here and there.

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02 July 2022

5 weeks to go!

29 April 2022


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Dave Lancaster 28/08/2017 Day 23 - Last Disney Day
I'll miss this blog - until the next time. Remember it wouldn't be so magical if you lived there. I have a friend coming home to Croydon(!) after 12 years living and working in and around WDW, and he says the magic didn't last very long at all. That said, he's getting married next week in Jamaica, so we'll get a relaxing holiday this year after all!
Karen 26/08/2017 Day 23 - Last Disney Day
It's so sad that your holiday is coming too an end. I have loved reading the blog laid on my sunbed doing absolutely nothing in Tenerife.

Can't wait to catch up and hear all about your amazing holiday when you get home and maybe if we start saving now, we could be with you next year xxx
Dave Lancaster 26/08/2017 Day 18 - Typhoon Lagoon
Reading your notes, Dene, is almost like reading my own. Our family is almost defined by its' holidays to Florida. I swear the experiences are referenced at least once a day. I'm sensing it's the same with you guys - and the great thing is, that even when they are grown-up, it doesn't stop! Not sure when exactly you are heading home, but have a safe trip, and we'll catch-up soon.

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