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24 August 2017

Day 18 - Typhoon Lagoon

Water Park

Miss Adventure Falls

I feel we've really neglected the water parks this year. I don't know why that is really as we used to spend a LOT of days just ambling around the lazy river. I think now the boys are that bit older we've tended to stay up much later and they've really got into the habit of sleeping in a little. That's not a bad thing, we couldn't maintain 18 hour days indefinitely.

So today it was up before lunchtime and onwards to Typhoon Lagoon. This was Disney's second Waterpark after River Country and features a massive wavepool and a load of great slides including a new family raft ride, Miss Adventure Falls which was the main reason we wanted to go over there. We've always preferred Blizzard Beach (Disney's third waterpark) to Typhoon Lagoon but really wanted to check out this new ride.

We had a BRILLIANT day though. The new ride is great, the boys loved the wavepool (they spent 90 minutes in there at one point) which gave Joanne and I some much appreciated 'kid-free' time to just float away the time on Castaway Creek, the Typhoon Lagoon lazy river. I don't know if i've stated this before on this blog but it's hard to believe that we've been coming to these water parks for nearly 25 years. 25 YEARS!!! The amazing thing about Disney Parks is that they age really really well. They are so immaculately maintained that this feels like it could have opened last year, not 1989!

So we ride a ton of slides, multiple times, then head back to the hotel and STILL have time to freshen up and hop over to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail for a few hours in there. The time we spend here is so precious, it's our favourite place to be as a family, on holiday, and we've really made the most of our days. The monorail is 1 stop away......why wouldn't we take advantage of that? It just HAS to be done.

Back in bed by 1am and another superb day comes to an end.

Sorry for such little words. I'm about 4 days behind on this but by the time I have a spare moment to jot down some words i'm falling asleep.




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    Dave Lancaster · 26/08/2017
    Reading your notes, Dene, is almost like reading my own. Our family is almost defined by its' holidays to Florida. I swear the experiences are referenced at least once a day. I'm sensing it's the same with you guys - and the great thing is, that even when they are grown-up, it doesn't stop! Not sure when exactly you are heading home, but have a safe trip, and we'll catch-up soon.

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