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16 August 2013

Day 7 & 8

"Bringing it all up to date."

I'm going to combine 2 days here to bring this blog bang up to date.

Day 7 was spent early morning in Magic Kingdom and it was HOT! After a quick breakfast at our hotel we headed over to Tomorrowland and straight onto The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which is becoming one of my favourites there. They have live interaction/jokes with the audience all with Monsters Inc. animation. It's difficult to explain but so brilliantly done (as you'd expect from Disney).

Over to Stitch's Great Escape next which Jack wasn't overly keen on (I think it was a little tame for him, he was expecting more of a ride than an experience ;-)

A quick jaunt over to check out the New Fantasyland (a little underwhelming) and a ride on Under The Sea: Journey Of The Little Mermaid. This is the newest ride in the park and great if you like The Little Mermaid (which I of the best Disney animated movies EVER!)

It was now reaching 1pm and the weatherman was saying it felt like 104 degrees so our last stop was to see our friend Dirk who performs as part of the Dapper Dans on Main Street. The boys loved sitting on the kerb and watching Dirk do his thing. We love the Dapper Dans, the songs and jokes are great, a must see when on Main Street.

After that we just had to escape the heat so we grabbed a quick Frappuccino at the Main Street Bakery and got outta there, to the monorail, and back to the hotel.

The plan was to hang out in the room for an hour and then drive over to Blizzard Beach. However, a classic Florida storm had other ideas and the water park was closed. Because we have been burning the candles at both ends we decided to head back to the hotel and just have a chilling, early night playing our iPads and watching some Disney TV.

That was until I got a text on my phone from Joanne (who was right next to me) at 8:30pm with a simple 'MK?'

20 minutes later we're sat on the monorail heading to Magic Kingdom. I cannot stress enough how great it is to have the WDW monorail system within 5 minutes walk of our room. I can't imagine ever wanting to stay in a different Disney hotel now, we have been well and truly spoilt.

So we get onto Main Street USA at 9pm and the Electrical Parade is just starting. Total gridlock here (stroller and people nightmare) but we took as many shortcuts as we could and 5 minutes later were in Tomorrowland ready to ride Astro Orbiter for the first time with the boys. Joanne wisely chose not to ride and we were soon whizzing around.....and around....and around.....oh......and around.....checking out the nighttime views of the park. It's a little stomach churning but also pretty spectacular at night.

Next up was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, a great (everything's great) laser blast ride. I rode with Josh and he completely destroyed my score after the first round of shooting! I used to have to let him win on these type of rides but no need anymore :-(

There's never a queue for the People Mover so we hopped on there to show Jack a little of Space Mountain (one of the very few rides he's not tall enough excuse to return if there ever was one needed). It's a relaxing, serene ride around Tomorrowland. Well, it used to be, now all you can hear is Jack shouting 'HELLO!' and waving to the other riders as we pass by on the track ;-)

Everyone wanted to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway cars next but I had to let them go on their own as it was 9:59pm....1 minute to Wishes, the WDW fireworks spectacular. I sat down and watched and listened to this amazing fireworks show. The fireworks explode in time to the soundtrack and it really does give you goosebumps every single time. You just keep thinking "we're Disney World...we're REALLY here". LOVE IT!

Splash Mountain next (we really do not stop!) and then at 11:15pm we found a nice spot in Frontierland to watch the 2nd Main Street Electrical Parade. Lots more waving from the boys and Jack blew Minnie a kiss which she caught and held to her heart. Jack's smile is so amazing when stuff like this happens. It's times like this that you know you've done the right thing spending all that money to be here. The memories are priceless.

A rush out the park now to catch the monorail which closes an hour after the park and we're gliding home for the night and we're finally asleep by 1am.

The following day (Day 8, TODAY, YAY, I caught up) was a recovering day. Up at 10am, over to Denny's for 'breakfast' at 12pm and then straight to Blizzard Beach for a few hours. After this it was back to the room for showers and a drive to The Florida Mall for a quick mooch. Quick nosh at Taco Bell and then home to bed and here I am...typing this up and then crashing out... Joanne and the boys fast asleep...tomorrow looks like Animal Kingdom for the first time this trip then dinner at our absolute favourite, Ohana, with Dirk, Angie and the twins and into Magic Kingdom again for the kids to do a few rides together.

Should be fun...


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Day 7 & 8
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