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14 August 2017

Day 10 - Pool and EPCOT

Totally relaxing and brilliant

This day flew by....

Up JUST in time for breakfast which finishes at 11am. Well, breakfast for 3 of us which consisted of bagel and jam for Joanne, Jack and myself with Josh choosing to stay in bed and have a chocolate chip cookie (!)

We wanted to eat light today as we were eating at Tepan Edo for dinner in EPCOT so after that quick breakfast we head to the pool for a few hours of sunshine while the boys hung out in the pool. I rattled off a few shots and it still blows my mind that we get to look over to Magic Kingdom everyday. Looking over Bay Lake is just breathtaking at any time of day and we just have to pinch ourselves that we get to stay here.

It's a bit of a hot one so we reckon at 1pm it's time for a cocktail. We both go for the Lava Flow. It is AMAZING! I think we'll be having a few of them over the next couple of weeks. As ever, it's a bit pricey at $10 a pop but when a certain person back home keeps dropping a casual £100 in you bank account then why worry about such minor details??? (Hi Mum! xx).

We're a bit toasty now so a quick shower for us all and we're on the monorail into EPCOT. Meeting the Donahue's briefly to ride Soarin' and the Pixar Shorts attraction which is in the old Captain EO / Honey I Shrunk The Audience theatre. Brilliant use of 3D and a great pre-show documentary about the amazing Pixar. I could probably see that over and over which also applies to Soarin'. The kids are just Test Track....Test Track....Test Track though so I think we might kick them over there on their own a couple of times while we rides those two.

We say goodbye to them and start clockwise around World Showcase with our first stop in China. I get a Canto Loopy (a favourite of mine for years) which is Vodka and Cantaloupe Juice. The melon is just amazing. Joanne goes for the Peach Snap!....don't need to describe that one.

An alcoholic slushy next at the Outpost. Not a country but in between China and Germany. This one is called the Mango Starr and it's another winner. Noted for next time we're walking around there (Tuesday :-)

Josh insists we stop at the caramel shop in Germany. He is OBSESSED with these milk chocolate caramel sea salt squares they sell there. Chewy, soft, salty.....they really are something else. I can see why he loves them so much. We're all allowed a tiny taste and he wolfs it down. He can eat for England, we've noticed it even more on this trip. He'll be as fat as a bacon pig (a Dad saying.....Hi Dad! :-)

We then stroll over to the Japan Pavillion for dinner at Teppan Edo. We've never done this one before but we've been looking forward to it since making the reservation 6 months ago. We get seated around the table with another family and the server takes our order. Josh (steak and chicken), Jack (steak), Joanne and I (chicken). We have spare ribs appetizers (best we've EVER had), the meat just fell apart and was super tender. The chef then comes out and starts the cooking and i'll just let the pictures below tell the story. He has some mad skills and it's all massively entertaining. This was definitely the best meal yet, we all agreed on that, so we've made reservations again for next week :-)

No dessert here as we're going to get something on the way back around. Unfortunately there's no new experience for us and we end up back at Germany for ANOTHER caramel square and a Mickey Mouse rice krispie treat dipped in chocolate and drizzled with Werthers caramel. I get a's gooooooooood! Joanne goes for the healthy option with one of her 5-a-day....2 hand dipped chocolate strawberries. She loves 'em...

It's around 8:50pm as we head out via Future World early so we can get the monorail before the fireworks crowd leave. We need an early night as tomorrow is Discovery Cove over by Sea World.

That's the plan.....the kids finally drop off around midnight.


P.S. Sorry for all the photos. I took over 250 today and couldn't trim them down any more. A few on there for you Dad, the Mexico pavillion which blew us away back in 1988 and it still does today. It can be midday, blue skies outside and then you walk in there and are transported to late evening in a Mexican market. Such great detail from the Disney Imagineers.....



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mum · 15/08/2017
    Great photos. Superb photographer. Really enjoyed seeing my lovely boys and gorgeous daughter in law. The scenes are out of this world. Day 10 really was a day I would have loved to have been there. Drinking Lapu Lapu and Lava Flow and watching the boys having fun. Dad really enjoyed looking at familiar places. Have another great day today. Love you all. Xxxx
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Lancaster · 15/08/2017
    Loving the updates, time you're at Outpost, give the Pineapple Cider a go - surprisingly pleasant (if a little sweet)...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Anonymous · 15/08/2017
    Love the photo's, too. I really cannot get enough views of these places - as my cloud storage would testify!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Lancaster · 15/08/2017
    It seems I went anonymous there...but enjoy Discovery Cove - we've had some great times there.

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