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07 August 2017

Day 3 - EPCOT & Disney Springs

Still full speed....

We just can't stop!!!!
It was up at 9am this morning for a mad rush to the monorail for breakfast at 10am at The Wave, a semi-casual meal at The Contemporary resort, the iconic 'A' frame building where the monorail glides ride through the middle. Stunning building and it never gets old gliding through it. We often think of trying this hotel and it would be slightly cheaper to stay here but it never looks as 'kid friendly' as the Polynesian. At the Poly, the kids can have a lot more freedom and come and go as they like from the pool to the room and access to the food area to keep their drinks cups filled up. The Contemporary, although fabulous in design and atmosphere, has a 'conference hotel' feel to it wheras the Polynesian has 'family friendly' written all over it. We make the right choice staying here I think.
Anyway, we're not the best at getting up and off and we arrive at The Wave at 10:15am. No worries, we're seated within 5 mins and we opt for the buffet. LOADS of fresh Florida fruit, huge glasses of juice, hash browns, eggs benedict, yogurts, Mickey's all here and we polish off a hearty brunch which should set us up untll late afternoon. It's then a quick look at MORE Disney World merchandise in the Contemporary shop and it's a quick hop onto the monorail and after a quick chance to the EPCOT monorail we're on our way back over there....
Soarin' again.....AMAZING!....then a great Disney/Pixar 3D show which is new to us and is, of course, brilliant! Next up Test Track for the first time. The boys love this and we could ride it over and over.....and probably will.
It's then a gentle stroll (it has to be....we're touching 100 degrees here) over to the World Showcase and through Mexico...Norway...China...Germany (caramel chocolate squares!!! Josh polished one off, they are AMAZING! chewier than then most chewy thing you've ever had and then some) and a pitstop in Italy where Joanne gets a nice glass of sparking wine. I'm allowed a sip of this $10 (!!!!) treat and it's good but i'll stick with my $3.50(!!!!!!!!!!!!) Coke Zero. Yeah, it's expensive but we know the prices here and it's not a problem. It's what we've saved 2 years for and we're on holiday. We're gonna enjoy it all and not think about it. It's actually no different to the prices at, say, Alton Towers, but the variety here is insane, especially in EPCOT. There are soooo many different treats and snacks that you just want to try everything. We've got 3 weeks left.....we're certainly going to have a good crack at that :-)
Onwards to the American Adventure pavillion for the kids to get a cherry fanta slushy. Really really good and a perfect treat for them. We then head back towards Norway to ride the new Frozen themed ride. It's a reworking of the attraction that has been there for years and it was pretty good. Definitely not the most thrilling ride in the world but fun. Things is, it's probably the most popular ride at EPCOT at the moment (Frozen is big here) and I feel sorry for the parents in the queue for 2 hours (it was a 5 hour queue when it first opened) for a 5 minute ride. It's fun but i'm happy we had Fastpasses for this and only queued for 5 minutes.
Then it's back to Club Cool for more free Coke drinks and Joanne and I grab a Starbucks for the way back to the hotel.
WIthin 30 mins we're back 'home' and it's a mad dash to the pool as it looks like a storm is heading our way. No lightning though so the pool stays open and the boys are riding the slide in the pouring rain.....the lukewarm in 100 degree heat kind of rain :-) No a problem at all when you're hanging out in the pool. It passes in 10 minutes and soon we're back in the room and I have chance to do a very quick video edit of the GoPro stuff we got from today. Check it out in the VIDEO section.
Showered up and we're heading to the bus to Disney Springs. It's now 9pm and the day that started out to be a chilled one is once again proving to be an epic one. It's not hard to get carried away here. We may be here for another 3 weeks but there's so much we want to do. Sleeping would be such a waste. We have dinner (or is it supper?) at a new place called D-LUXE burger. Oh WOW! Taste sensation. Seriously good burgers and fries with a bunch of dipping sauces that are out of this world. We nosh it all down with ease and have a mooch over to World Of Disney, the worlds largest Disney store. Keep the kids close (especially if they have magicbands which can charge purchases to the room ;-) We don't buy anything but there's lots of ideas. We get the boys a 'bubble wand' each though. It's a big light up MIckey shaped wand that shoots loads of bubbles out of the top. On the way back to the bus later Josh and Jack were VERY popular with all the kids walking around here. What kid doesn't like bubbles?
Jack has wanted to get a Sprinkles cupcake for AGES. They have a cupcake ATM. It looks like a regular ATM machine but you choose your cupcake, swipe your card, then the screen shows a robotic arm picking up your order and delivering it to the serving hatch. Great fun and the cupcake itself is one of the best. Sooooo tasty.
Anyway, we spent the evening here looking in a few shops but it's time to head back. Josh falls asleep on the way home on the bus and we're back in our room by 12:30am. Another amazingly chilled but hectic at the same time kinda day. We're doing about 25,000 steps a day according to Joanne's Apple Watch which should keep all those extra calories in check.
I'm typing this at 9am while the boys are still asleep. Today we WILL let them sleep until they wake and will most probably go get breakfast/lunch 'off site' and maybe check out one of the nicer clothes outlets. I only came out with 5 pair of boxers(!) so it's time to stock up at Calvin Klein and Joanne and the boys will no doubt be splurging at Tommy Hilfiger.
It's all perfect.....i'm sure it will continue to be.
Don't forget to check out the video HERE. It's only a quick edit, nothing too spectacular. No time for video editing around these parts, it's hard enough finding time to do the photos :-)


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen · 07/08/2017
    We are loving the blog - keep the adventures coming. Exhausted just reading them xx
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mum · 07/08/2017
    Just finished the novel. Totally exhausting. You call that chilling? But sounds absolutely magnificent. The videos are great with the exception of the water chute. (Terrifying). How did you film that? Keep enjoying. How many stones have you put on. The food looks delightful. The breakfasts would be my favourites. Love you all. Xxxx

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