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06 August 2017

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom and EPCOT

Disney Time....
This was supposed be a chilled one....

Up at a respectable 9ish and we were all pretty giddy about hitting the Magic Kingdom today. The plan was to skip breakfast, get showered and straight into the park until after lunch then maybe some pool time in the afternoon. Well that didn't work...

New security system in place this year which means they have bag check and even scanners at the monorail station at the hotel. It was a painless process though and once you arrive at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom it means you can get straight into the park. It's a shame they have to have this level of security but I guess it has to be.

We scan our MagicBands and we're in! Nothing beats walking into this park to see Cinderella Castle towering at the end of Main Street USA. I think Main Street USA is probably my favourite part of the park. I could just stroll around here for an hour just soaking up the sights and sounds. Glorious!

I'm not allowed to do that though....others have thrills in mind and after a quick mooch around The Emporium to see that latest merchandise we're heading over to Big Thunder Moutain Railroad for our first ride. I'm sure I am going to say this many times but "it never gets old". However many times we ride these attractions you always feel like it's fresh and new. I rode this for the first time almost 30 years ago with my Dad (hello Dad!) and it's just as brilliant as it was back then. I think what makes it special is the themeing. It's not just some coaster ride, it's an experience. Added to that the impeccable level of maintenance on these rides and it ends up being something special every time. I mean, this ride is nearly 50 years old and it's in perfect shape. Just brilliant!

A quick call from Mum (hey Mum!) and it's time for lunch. An eye watering $60 for theme park lunch and drinks. To be fair though, the food is pretty good in these parks. There's an insane amount of variety. Whatever you fancy eating there's a place to go and get it.

Next up is Space Mountain (we booked fastpasses for these 6 months ago which really helps make the day flow) and again, great ride, great fun, and one of the boys favourites. On the way out Josh and Jack want to order customised MagicBands. $70 lighter (you're getting the idea.....good job we saved for 2 years ;-) and we're ready for a leisurely ride on the PeopleMover. I hope they never get rid of this ride from the early 1970's, it's one of the best ways to kick back for 10 minutes and watch the Magic Kingdom go by for a while.  

More chil out time next on the Carousel of Progress and then the boys and me are back on Space Mountain again. Joanne loves this ride too but twice in a row is no no which means she can go check out some more Disney goodies in the shops. Twice is about my limit too and we collect the MagicBands and head over to Pirates of The Carribean. A boat ride and pirates, what's not to love? Jack doesn't remember this as it was being refurbed in 2015 but he obviously loves it and when it's over we get straight to the Wilby Family Favourite Ride ever.......Splash Mountain. Best log flume ride ever and it's once again all down to the themeing. I mean, a log flume ride is a log flume ride but add in the Disney look and feel and you have something special. We get pretty drenched (a great thing in 90 degree heat) and now it's after 4pm and we're on our way out.

Now this was probably going to be the part where we grabbed some pool time but no. We jump onto the monorail and soon we're headed to EPCOT. We all want to ride another of our favourites, Soarin'. It's been updated with new video and we're desperate to check it out.

We get there and it's always amazing to see the iconic Spaceship Earth (or giant golf ball as many people call it) but we're intent on heading to Club Cool, a Coca Cola sponsored attraction where you can taste different coke branded drinks from around the world....for free! We sample all the good ones and then head over to The Land to ride Soarin'. It's AMAZING! the first version was incredible but the new updated footage is just jaw dropping. Definitely one of the most unique theme park rides ever.

We get some fastpasses for Test Track and then have a stroll to Germany in World Showcase for something we've never had before. Werthers caramel covered popcorn. WOW! TASTY!!! We'll be getting that again soon. We walk back to Test Track but it's closed due to an incoming storm (which we don't get caught up in) so it's time to head out and go back to the hotel. The monorail is down!! Never a good thing so we take a bus which also gets delayed and we're back in the room at 10pm. The boys (well, Josh, Jack is shattered) want to go in the pool but we have to put our sensible heads on and say no. We have breakfast resevations at the Contemporary Resort the following day at 10am so we need the sleep. The boys spark out within minutes and so do we. It's good to be back and that was a perfect start....

Just a few iPhone photos today, didn't take the camera. Sometimes it's just nice to go in the parks with no gadgets and bags.


IMG 6995
IMG 6997
IMG 7001
IMG 7006
IMG 7009
IMG 7016
IMG 7018
IMG 7019
IMG 7020
IMG 7021
IMG 7022
IMG 7023

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen & Jon · 06/08/2017
    WOW - so far pretty amazing guys! You forget how 'out of this world' it all is when you haven't been for nearly 20 years!! ?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mum · 06/08/2017
    Just finished reading the Day 2 blog. Feel I'm there with you all so just going for a lie down as feeling pretty exhausted. Thanks for the mention. Surely you will be resting on day 3 or maybe not. Mum and Dad. Love you all. Xxxx

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