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20 August 2017

Day 13 - Parasailing (not!) and Hollywood Studios

Storms halt play

Aborted surprise

Well this didn't work out as planned but all is not lost. This morning we took the monorail over to The Contemporary and told the boys we were having breakfast over there. Once we arrived we dropped the surprise on them, we were going parasailing over Bay Lake. Excitement and then fear descended on them. The flight was going to be 600ft in the air. Twice as high as the huge hotel they were stood inside. We grabbed a quick muffin as we were running late and walked over to the marina, noticed a bunch of dark clouds in the distance. ALL water activities (including water parks and hotel pools) shut down if there is lightning within 10 miles of the resort. We were unlucky, the storms were brewing and our experience was put on hold for 1 hour. We went back inside and had proper food and waiting near the Ballroom Of The Americas. This is a ballroom in the Contemporary where Richard Nixon made his 'i'm not a crook' speech during the time of the Watergate scandal. One of a few facts I know about WDW history. The breakup papers for the Beatles were signed at our hotel at The Polynesian by John Lennon when he was staying there back in the 70's. In fact, his room was in the same building as we stay, Samoa, which was the Hawaii building back then. Who knows? We may even be in the same room! Anyhooooo.....

After an hour of hanging around we go back to the marina but it's not good news, the lake is shut for the day due to the storms so we have to reschedule for the following week. The surprise is ruined but it will still be fun. My idea was to tell Josh and Jack and then 15 minutes later be in the sky but it will still be amazing another day. Monorail back to the Poly but I now have a challenge.

Joanne has been looking for some earrings that are in the shape of the castle. We've seen them in gold but not silver. Apparantly they have some over in a store in Disney Springs so while the 3 J's hang out at the hotels I shoot over there in the car to go hunt them down. SUCCESS! She's been looking for these in every shop and I finally manage to grab a pair. HUZZAH!

Mission accomplished so we go to Hollywood Studios. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks and we haven't been here yet, there's some great rides. We do Toy Story Mania, Rock and Rollercoater (well the boys do, we bottle it and sit on the street having an apple strudle and ice cream). I suppose it sounds like all we do is eat but nearly 6 hours has passed since lunchtime. I swear that time goes much MUCH faster in Florida, there's really no other explanation why the time has moved so quickly :-(

Star Tours, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (twice), Rock and Rollercoaster (again) and we decide to call it a day. We take the packed bus (sardines in a tin time) back to the hotel and after an hour in the pool we call it a night.

Not what we expected of the day but still as good as all the others. It really has been an amazing trip this time. We will never get tired of coming here and it just gets better and better.

Check out the previous days photos again. I had more photos from when we met the characters in EPCOT. Minnie took a real shine to Josh :-)



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    Mum and Dad · 20/08/2017
    Nice pieces of history. Dave from A & B checks out your blog. Shame about the parasailing but hey! Fine by me. Photos great.

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