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15 August 2017

Day 11 - Discovery Cove


A blissful day

It was glorious, just glorious.
Waking the kids was the hardest part of this day. We don't ever seem to have this problem at home. A weekend where they could sleep until midday would be amazing ;-)
We arrive at Discovery Cove around 9am as we want to have a completely full day here. It's open until 6pm and it's an all-inclusive day.
Breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and orange juice is first up and then it's straight on with the wetsuits and jackets for a day just snorkelling amongst fish and stingrays. There's not much I can say that you all don't already know so i'm going to keep it fairly brief and edit a small video together instead as we don't have too many photos. Check it out in the VIDEOS section.
We also took a stroll around the aviary where you can feed many exotic birds. This was a highlight for the boys who both seem massively interested in this and now keep asking for us to get a bird as a pet (sheesh!). We got back here later in the day too, it's a great place to hang out from the sun.
Our dolphin swim was scheduled for 3pm and like the last time we spent a day here it was a highlight of the entire trip. To get this near to these magnificent creatures is just insane. To stroke them, feed them and then ride out into the water with them holding their fin is a real unique experience and we are all really pleased we did it again. The only thing we didn't do this time is pay the $299 for the dolphin swim photo/video package. It would be nice to have but I wasn't really happy with the quality of the video last time around and as we already had it from last time, we didn't really see the need. For a day that costs over $1,000 you would think they could include this, especially as the video is just taken on consumer quality handheld camcorders. Not great, and certainly not worth $299. We have the memories....that's enough for us.
More swimming around for the rest of the day with a pitstop for lunch and it's time to head off. We buy a few t-shirts in the shop on the exit which are great value and we're back in the car, heading to Target (large supermarket) to buy a few goodies for the hotel room.
A late night swim to finish off the day and off to bed. We're half way through the trip and it is all going way too fast. We're doing everything we want to do at a pace which works for us though so we're all happy.



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mum and Dad · 16/08/2017
    Quite an experience. The videos are superb (but pretty scary to watch for us non-swimmers). Watching Josh, Jack and Joanne feeding the beautiful birds was great. Yet another wonderful day. Make the next half go much, much slower if you can. Xxxxxx
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen · 17/08/2017
    Oh man, I'm totally green with envy - some great memories of DC, A lot of money - but so worth it for the memories.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen · 22/08/2017
    WOW - looks absolutely amazing! xx

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